Child Dedication Service


A service for the Dedication of Children will be held on Sunday morning, January 20, 2013. The Elders invite you to take part.  Please contact Daniel Kain, Tom Borck or any of the other elders if you are interested in having your child dedicated.

We place a very high priority on the Christian family–godly parents bringing up their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4).  An important part of the parents’ obligation to their children is to pray earnestly for them, dedicating them to God for His salvation and their spiritual growth.  Many parents want to make a public declaration of their desire to dedicate themselves to this task, and in so doing ask the body of believers to join them in prayer for their children.

This is not a baptism of infants as practiced in some churches, but simply a witness to the whole church of the parents’ desire to raise their children for God.  In no way does a public dedication of this kind guarantee the child’s salvation nor does it gain any special merit with God.  But this does indicate the parents’ resolve and gives us all an opportunity to join our hearts with them.  We believe God will honor such an act and we commend those parents who wish to do so.

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