God at work

Here is a letter we received from Afghanistan with an offering for the church.  We are so excited to see God working in the life of this church and around the world.  Contact has been made with Justin through email and the children have made Christmas cards for him which we will be sending to Afghanistan tomorrow.  Please keep Justin and his comrades in your prayers.
(Received Sunday, December 8)
To All:
After prayer to God, and searching for a noble, trustworthy cause to send my tithe, I have come across your church.  After reading over your website, it instantly made me aware that I had been guided to the right place.
I only ask that you spend this money wisely, after much thought and prayer to God.  I know in my heart that you will, and I pray that this monthly tithe brings glory to God.
I will close this short message with just one more request.  Could you please pray Psalm 91 for myself, my comrades in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment here in Afghanistan, and all soldiers and civilians deployed in harm’s way, every time you gather?  It is the “Soldiers Prayer,” but more importantly, it is God’s solemn promise to protect his children who trust in Him and His grace.
Thank you,
Sgt. Justin Rey
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