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Contending for Our All

Contending For Our All
By John Piper

In this book, John Piper explores the lives of Athanasius, John Owen, and J. Gresham Machen—a bishop, a pastor, and the founder of a seminary.  Each of these men stood for the truth of the gospel in the face of intense opposition.  May their lives inspire us to stand for the Truth of the Gospel where God has placed us!  Check it Out!



Kings Cross

 Kings Cross-The story of the World in the Life of Jesus
by Tim Keller

In this easy-to-read walk through the gospel of Mark, Tim Keller presents the gospel to Christians and skeptics alike in a pastor/professor fashion.  The gospel is spelled out plainly and engagingly as he explains the hard to understand things that Jesus says and does.  Great read! Check it out!


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