New Sunday School class

Fresh Encounters

As we embark on an adventure together of seeking God’s guidance for Christian Fellowship, we want to go forward in prayer and through the study of His word.  The Elders ask you to begin praying at home.   A new 7-week adult combined Sunday School class entitled “Fresh Encounter” began on April 10.  We meet together at 11:20am in the Auditorium and then break into small groups

“The church today undoubtedly needs revival.  Our world desperately needs a spiritual   awakening.  And God is awaiting a people who will cry out to Him.  In this Bible study you will come face-to-face with the truth of Scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  By exploring the gracious nature of God and the wandering habits of the human heart, you will be called and challenged to return to Him.  And you will learn how God desires to use each believer as a catalyst for revival and spiritual awakening in your community—and throughout the world.”


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