Two New Books in the Library

erasing hell

Erasing Hell

by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle

The subject of hell has been out of favor as a topic of conversation or even preaching for years now, and Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle are hoping to change that.  Knowing that the unsaved are unlikely to turn to Christ unless they first understand their need of a savior, this book attempts to address the fact that hell didn’t go away just because the subject has been taboo.  This is a diplomatic yet honest look at what scripture has to say on the subject.  Check it out!



Christless Christianity

Christless Christianity

By Michael Horton

In his book, “Christless Christianity”, Michael Horton explores the phenomenon that American Christians often get confused between Americanism and Christianity.  He fears the American church has been willingly taken captive to the cultural influences of individualism, positive thinking, prosperity, nationalism and self-sufficiency, and strives to make us aware of the urgency of this basic rejection of the Gospel.  It’s new in the library … Check it out!



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